Seafood Restaurant in Hendersonville, NC

Many people all over the world love to enjoy the unique flavors of seafood. From a vast variety of fresh fish and crustaceans, a plethora of dishes are made. However, the secret to an exquisite seafood dish relies on quality of freshness. Which is why at Olive or Twist Restaurant/Bar, we are known to provide the freshest and most delicious fresh salmon, fish and delicious steak in all of Hendersonville, NC.

Our authentic American restaurant has a wide selection of ever-changing seafood dishes, so you can order something new every time you visit our delicious seafood restaurant.

Olive or Twist Restaurant/Bar always strives to provide you quality and selection. With our fresh and never frozen seafood as well as our wild caught and sustainably sourced selection, you can rest assure that you’ll receive the very best and eat the most delicious pasta in the Hendersonville, NC, area. You can also have a fun time in our martini bar. We’re also a great live entertainment restaurant where you can enjoy some refreshing cocktails. Visit Olive or Twist Restaurant/Bar today for your seafood dish and cocktail in Hendersonville, NC.


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